In following a lifelong passion for birth and women’s rights, I have a sincere desire to assist each family in connecting with their own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum choices. I find it immensely humbling to support women as they grow, birth, and nourish their babies, and I am honored each time I am invited to be part of such an incredible life experience.  I am proud to support all families regardless of race, faith, sexuality, gender identity, marital status, age, immigration status or family configuration.

I have trained with BAI and Stillbirthday as a birth & bereavement doula and lactation educator, and with Life Cycles Collective Doulas as a postpartum doula.  I've also trained with Birthing From Within, and am trained and certified in the use of rebozo techniques and placenta encapsulation.  I am skilled in birth photography and am thrilled to offer it as part of my services.  I am a proud member of the Buffalo Doula Collective.  I have a special interest in infertility and pregnancy following infertility.  Having previously struggled with infertility myself, I have a unique understanding of the emotions, stress, and technology surrounding those who fight this battle.

I am a born and raised resident of the Buffalo, NY area.  I love our city and watching it constantly grow and develop!  I am married and a proud mother of two incredible children, one born in a hospital and one at home.  I love reading, being outdoors, and biking.


“Having Jennifer as my doula was one of the best decisions I made surrounding my son's birth. During pregnancy she was able to come to our home to discuss my wishes and teach us labor techniques. She was also available via text message which I especially appreciated her fast and reassuring responses to my questions/concerns. When I went into labor Jennifer calmly guided us until we could meet her at our birth facility and she became the angel in the room watching over me. Her tenacity proved true when she stayed with us throughout my weekend-long labor providing me comfort, support, and even running errands as needed. Her calm and confident presence helped me during the hardest parts- all I had to do was look at her and I knew I could get through it. When it turned out I had to transfer to the hospital, Jennifer made no hesitation in coming with us and played a vital role in the final hours of my labor and delivery. Immediately post-delivery she was able to capture beautiful photographs and help me remind me of my wishes when everything was happening so fast. Jennifer was also the one who helped guide me and my son onto his first latch and breastfeeding experience. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a doula who can provide multiple services with kindness, understanding, and knowledge.” – C, mom
“Bringing a child into the world is a transformative and intense experience that is unique to every person. Because of that, it is so important to make decisions surrounding your pregnancy and birth that support and reflect what is important to you. There are so many options that exist and choices that need to be made and hiring a doula, specifically Jen Lombardo, was the best first decision my husband and I feel we made in having a healthy pregnancy and a birth that we are so happy with.
Our vision for bringing our son into the world was that we wanted a healthy baby and healthy mom, and envisioned a natural birth in a hospital. Jen was wonderful and patient with us, and explained all of our options as well as making suggestions of resources that existed to help us. What we loved most about having Jen as a resource during pregnancy was her assured nature and willingness to answer any questions we had. She was very thorough in her explanations of what we could expect with a natural birth in a hospital, and with what questions it was important to have answers for. We really understood what decisions needed to be made and felt confident speaking with all people involved in the process of pregnancy and birth to make our wishes clear. During birth, my mother, my husband, and myself all said that Jen's presence was essential to all of us feeling so happy with how everything happened. Even with the unexpected, we all felt Jen's support with pain management, relaxation, emotional support, helping to navigate hospital practices, and birth itself was amazing. My husband and mom both said they appreciated Jen's guidance during birth so they could be most useful and supportive to me. Jen's calm and strong support will always be a core positive memory from a pregnancy and birth we are pleased with. I cannot recommend Jen Lombardo's services enough!  We loved working with her.” – M, first time mom
“Jennifer supported both my husband and myself throughout our whole experience. When we found out our son was breech, she supported all of our choices and listened to me when I needed someone to talk to about my fears and disappointment in losing the natural birth I had so desperately wanted. Even though we ended up deciding to have a c-section, Jennifer was still by my side from the minute we arrived at the hospital until my husband and I went into the OR and met us in recovery after, remaining with us until we were ready to be moved up to a room. Then about two weeks after the surgery when she came for our postpartum visit and to bring us the photos she had taken, she also brought my husband and I dinner! I can't thank her enough for the support and confidence she gave not only to myself, but to my husband as well. We definitely plan on calling her when our next baby is on the way!” – J, mom
“Jennifer Lombardo is amazing! She was there for us at every step and helped [my partner] through her worst. Full of love and compassion… highly recommended!” – M, dad
“My husband and I felt very blessed to have had Jennifer Lombardo involved in our pregnancy and labor. Jennifer met with us multiple times prior to labor and taught us different comfort strategies. She always made us feel comfortable and supported every decision we made. During the labor she was there when we called and provided both my husband and I with the individual support we needed. She helped us through transition, where my husband was having difficulty seeing me in so much pain. Jennifer constantly provided encouraging words and a positive attitude throughout the entire labor. After our son was born she captured beautiful moments with her camera that I will cherish forever. We have/would recommend Jennifer to other couples as she was a tremendous support to us.” – J, mom
“Having Jennifer there in the weeks leading up to my labor and then having her there during my labor, was one of the best investments in our pregnancy journey that we made. Not only did having her there 'on call' give my husband and I peace of mind, she was great to work with throughout it all! She was supportive, caring, thoughtful, organized, informed and just overall amazing. I felt after this experience I was blessed to have the labor I wanted and could not have thanked her enough for that. During labor she was giving us tips and there as a support for not only me, but also my husband. For my next pregnancy I plan on having Jennifer there again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an individualized birthing experience!” – B, mom