Birth matters. Whatever choices you make when it comes to your birth, you deserve to feel supported, confident, and cared for throughout labor. Research shows that women who hire doulas are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and are less likely to use any pain medication, have a cesarean birth, or carry negative feelings about childbirth.

Whether you give birth in a hospital, at the Birthing Center of Buffalo, at the Coit House, or in the comfort of your own home, I will be there to provide unbiased emotional and physical support to you and your partner throughout the labor and birth of your baby. I can assist you in navigating all of your options for birth, helping you to feel empowered and prepared to be your own advocate. 

Labor packages include unlimited call and text availability from the moment of hire, up to 2 prenatal meetings, on-call support nearing your due date, nonjudgmental and unwavering labor support, and a postpartum visit.

I am also pleased to offer birth photography to my labor doula clients, as an add-on service.