Most parents, new or experienced, will tell you that the first few weeks of having a new baby are overwhelming. There’s a new person to get to know and bond with, hormones to contend with, and a whole new routine to learn. In many cultures, new mothers are cared for by family and other women in their community in the days and weeks postpartum. Studies show that parents who receive the appropriate postpartum support are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety, feel more self-confident as a parent, and have higher rates of success with breastfeeding.

Buffalo Doula Services can provide emotional and physical support and evidence-based information to you and your family in your home. We help to bring comfort and healing in whichever way you need, whether it’s helping to prep healthy meals, light household maintenance, or being a nonjudgmental ear to listen. We can also provide basic newborn care and feeding information (breast or bottle), and help support your whole family by caring for the baby so that you and/or your partner can rest.

Let us help make your transition to parenthood smoother and simpler.